@Qurinji | :QuantumBanana
To enhance the understanding of quantum physics ,by viewing Banana tree bark pattern- behind Quantum entanglement .

@Jupitar -the giant quantum computer in solar system, connected to plantain tree according to Hindu mythology. …

Solutions that move:
To get insight and to make right decisions in business, board room can move to elevator room -for conducting meetings.

It simulate a anti gravity situation in brain- for some free thinking. it sheds the pull of problem level consciousness, and to a lighter plane.

As Albert…

Each ingredients needs different temperature to cook in a tasty flavor able food preparation.
A layered Induction cooker approach similar to the cascading Uluru falls, ,in Australia can help in that way.

@Issue Resolved:

Most of the Multi cookers function like silo pit where all cooked in same blob.


Balaji Ramamurthy

Software Engineer, thought leader, and fan of Quantum and Zen.I believe innovation starts with insane curiosity, passion for lifelong learning.

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