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Chola’s space & quantum Tech: Tanjore Big Temple:

Chola’s space & quantum Tech: Tanjore Big Temple:

1000 years ago, King Raja Raja Chola constructed an engineering marvel temple structure.

Unique Construction:

Interlocking Granite stones were used. It withstood 6 Earthquakes.

Outer structure is called Vimana. It means Rocket.

Chola’s Nu powered rocket design:

Inner chamber of temple has rocket like hollow structure. In the base a tall Siva Linga is installed. It looks like as though it is powered by nuclear fission and fusion. Symbolically represented as Shiva (fission-destruction) and Shakti (fusion — wave) energy gods. Also called as Jyothi (light) Linga.

Ancient scientists gave importance to software i.e consciousness refinement at quantum level.
This subtle body (mind) is the master for hardware i.e 5 elements (gross body) earth,water,fire, air, and space. This needs to be refined too-for building better spacecrafts.

Chola’s Submarines:

They could have used same tech in their submarines, when they moved naval fleet, around Malaysia and Cambodia.

Chola’s ionQ

In the four sides of the temple walls, 100s of ion beam emitter structures were embedded. It has turkey bird tail design structure called Van Kozi .-Sky bird. Actually, it is the ion beam accelerators design for rocketry.

Siddha’s Teleportation:

Chola’s quantum scientists were called 18 Siddhars.

Siddhar KaruOoraar was the chief architect (real hero) designed the Tanjore Temple. Siddhas were able to travel other world by teleportation. They opened the portal through meditation. to get this magnificent technology.

Water is a good medium for biological Teleportation. Cholas were good at water management and sea travel. As we know quantum teleportation is scientifically proven recently.

Chola’s Q-Simulators:



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