Orange color Impact on Covid-19

In recent news, it was found that Thailand has some secret spell on Covid 19. Buddhism is practiced by majority in there.Buddhist orange robe has some effect on this virus. Oranges gives immunity to body.Mars surface which is orange is keeps the top soil sterile.
@BioMask: Orange peel can give Bio degradable mask material,
Orange light for street ,office sanitation.
@Orange uniform: For health workers, and orange light rooms.
@orange Food;Turmeric,Pumpkin,bell pepper,sweet potato,Mango, peach,oranges,Carrot


#covid-19 #Thialand #oranges #Mars #astronomers #orange color wavelength#MIT #Nano


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Balaji Ramamurthy

Software Engineer, thought leader, and fan of Quantum and Zen.I believe innovation starts with insane curiosity, passion for lifelong learning.