Qsangate: Quantum Language evolution: Mapping Sanskrit as Quantum Language

Balaji Ramamurthy
3 min readNov 30, 2019

Quantum Computing needs a cross platform language .Oldest language Sanskrit has attributes that fit into that requirement , as it’s scripts resembles the Circuits and gates. Sutras are strands of Circuits,where the logic gates (Sutra Script) connects.

Triangle of Quantum computing in eastern science::

  1. Yantra: Quantum Hardware. 2.Mantra: Quantum Operating system.3.Tantra :Quantum Algorithm.

Layered architecture of Quantum hardware, is similar to the 7 layer chakra system of Yantra.It has hidden geometry and numbers.


Sanskrit language has strong influence on astronomy,in large object -planetary movement prediction, which is actually meant for atomic movement and spins.

Atomic Systems -ANUSHASANAM : Anu means atom and shasanum means system in Sanskrit. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes it in systematic way.

Quantum Machine (Yantra)@ Borobudur:

9th-century Borobudur architecture resonate the quantum computing,with 8 layers of gates.This bottom up design can work @ room temperature. it can be used for Autonomous Vehicle,Quantum mobile phones.Top down design of helium based quantum computer works @ sub zero condition .

Spiritual Engineering: Borobudur top circles /diamond shape walls creates unique reflection @ dawn sunlight, this can be replicated using crystal Prisms gates for light dispersion.

Zen sand Mandala design uses colored crystals to design ,similar to the photonic crystals used in quantum research.

Maya: Every quantum particles appears and dissolves in cyclic way ,in every moment of time, creating illusion of materiel forms.(Anithya in Zen).

The wave of raising and falling of energy is is creating this forms by pull craving of electrons (Thanha) and push -repulsion(Dosha) creates this illusion (moha).

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