Qupiter : What If Jupiter Is A naturally Formed Quantum Computer?

Balaji Ramamurthy
5 min readJun 13, 2021

@Sun Heart -Jupiter Brain

Sun-Jupiter pairs preprogram life forms through photon patterns of energy .Solar Energy packets as photons programed by Jupiter quantum computer using its powerful magnetic field. It is like lava iron from furnace is shaped by molds, Jupiter programs the energy from Sun.

Jupiter is the first planet formed during our solar system. When gas

@Jupiter Orchestration: Scientist found Jupiter with its enormous gravitational field, plays an important protective role. By deflecting comets and asteroids that might otherwise hit Earth, Jupiter has helped to create a more stable environment for life to evolve here. It regulate other planets path.

@Super conducting loops-annealing

Demystifying spinning storms in Jupiter — Quantum annealing processors naturally return high and low-energy solutions; formed in zone and band belts .

Total 9 circles in Jupiter represents 9 planets connection.

They moving in opposite direction to each other. Similar to QC ,Jupiter build up a fabric of quantum Qubits. State 1 in up belt. State 0’s in down zone .

Einstein’s hidden variable : Jupiter

Imagination + Information = Insight

In retrospect, the concept of relativity is fairly straightforward, especially to a boy (Einstein)who wanted to ride on a light beam.

  • Sun revealed his fission formula to A boy -(Einstein) riding a beam of light.
  • Same way Quantum wave of Jupiter can reveal how it compute quantum Information .
  • @Quantum Entanglement: NASA’s JUNO probe provided Abstract painting like swirling clouds are graphical representation of quantum gates, It may be forming millions of Qubits and quantum entanglement.by lightning.

Missing piece of the puzzle: Hidden variable that Einstein mentioned ,probably Jupiter holds for Entanglement.

@79 Moon Music Box:

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